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Syllas Valadão, Christian, businessman, administrator, systems analyst and founder of Patriotas.net, a group that fights for truth, honor, honesty and democracy in Brazil.

He has promoted and participated in numerous actions and social demonstrations in Brazil, denouncing lies, intellectual stellation, intellectual dishonesty and the inversion of values ​​that have been FINANCED in Brazil and in the world, including by international groups. Criminal groups that have united against the Judeo-Christian culture around the world, possibly involved in financing terrorists against Israel.


“There is in the world an anti-Christian movement veiled, hidden and FINANCED There are forces that fight against Jewish Judaic culture for the meritocratic character of the Jewish culture.I accompany the steps of these forces every day and denounce them.

There are dozens or hundreds of institutions in the world that have been funded by such figures as George Soros, the Vatican and the UN itself, to introduce sophistries against Christians, against Judaism, and against everything that refers to God.

My work for decades has been to fight against these organizations, whether in politics, in social networks or in official media. “The creation of the Patriots I see as an intervention of God, which made it possible for us to organize and have more force, drawing media attention throughout Brazil to speak against the manipulation of the truth”.